Saturday, October 18, 2008

Exit Music, Turn Left...

Children know how to create an awkward situation, the plan was for me to collect them from their mother but that changed just as I was about to leave and I had to head to their Grandparents. Arriving my son was ready to go but my daughter had decided that she wanted to stay there. No real complaints there as it was her decision but it was the return that created drama. After watching my son chalk up another goal and really put together a good performance we headed back to take my daughter horse riding. I was also instructed by their mother to keep them both with me and from conversation with him there wasn't a problem.

After speaking to their Nan briefly he went off on one in the car like a rocket exploding, driving off felt like I was taking part in an elaborate kidnap and made me feel really useless. Still he calmed down, explaining to me that he only wanted to tell her about his goal he had scored. Nice one! Horse riding went well as my daughter went for a trek away from the usual area and she really enjoyed herself. They stayed with me for the duration of the day, although I had to leave to head to my partners uncle's 60th birthday. Their mother collected them later that night and when I spoke to them they both sounded tired.

The party went really well apart from a minor incident that took place outside as some children tried to gate crash the event. I sent them away from the upstairs entrance and shut the door and then for some reason they all started fighting with each other and blood ended up everywhere. This didn't cause too much concern inside as everyone continued with the party and danced the night away. When we left there was no sign of any of the children although we did pass them further down the road. I thought London was bad!