Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sugar We're Going Down

Image representing Flickr as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBaseMy children are at the age where they are full of curiosity, asking questions about anything and everything. I had to explain to my daughter yesterday the procedure for breast enlargement, I think I detailed too clearly as her face looked horrified. She couldn't understand why anyone would go to such lengths. If a child can get the message then why do so many women opt for the procedure.

It begs the question, what extent people are prepared to go to with their bodies with the aim being perfection? With technology advances and new procedure's being introduced all the time it does make you wonder. An RSS feed I came across earlier mentioned that LED's are the new botox! Whatever next!

The children brought around their school photo's so I am currently trying to work out how many and what sizes are required. It works out a small fortune with the individual, combined and class photo's and I have only two at school. For families with loads of children it must be a headache but the upside is they do make great gifts to send to relatives.

Tonight we are going to Wembley Arena to see Fall Out Boy, feeling guilty as Baby isn't too well
but she has medication so hopefully it won't be too long until she is better. My partner was reluctant to come at first but her parents are to look after Baby for the night so she is in capable hands!

I am looking to upload my photos to Flickr and use machine tags for the first time. This is something I discovered when I added the concert to my calendar as by adding a machine tag it links back to the event on and also batches them with other photos uploaded that were taken at the concert ( attendees). This in turn I am hoping will feed back through to my blog using Zemanta which is the plugin I use to suggest related images and articles. We will see how this works out tomorrow!
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