Saturday, October 04, 2008

I want that one...

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBaseMarketing is everywhere, I read on Techcrunch that Google have spent nearly $2 billion this year on sales and marketing but only $20 million on offline marketing. Google is already considered to be the 10th most valuable brand in the world, and it got there without spending money on TV, print, or radio advertising.

Google are clearly pursuing new interests this year what with Google Chrome and Android (G1 Android Mobile co-branded with T-Mobile) launching. Moving into TV and magazine advertisements could potentially hurt the brand but then there is potential here as well [source].

Automatically placed overlay advertising

Lets be honest nobody likes advertising breaks during their favourite television programme, just getting to an important scene and then a commercial break. That could all be about to change with the introduction of 'automatically placed overlay advertising'. Instead of commercial breaks interactive adverts and other content are inserted on to clear space in a television programme meaning that the programme can run uninterrupted.

Obviously they need to handle this with the view of not being too intrusive, unlike conventional commercial breaks this at least has the advantage of more exposure. Usually when a commercial break starts cue a kitchen break, sort out the children, fight crime etc. This will be visible during what I am watching, the likelihood is that with digital television functionality I will be able to action the content. Press the red button will become the market for the next generation consumer!


Combining digital television with the Internet is surely an attractive market to companies, complimenting each other and providing the viewer with access to what is on screen would have a lot of benefits. The ability to navigate from the placed advertisement in the programme to a checkout as a consumer has a lot of potential. On demand access to products would enhance our viewing experience and make it richer like that of a browser.

The long term vision must surely be suggestive advertising, action a car on the screen and the viewer is redirected to multiple choices including car dealers, reviews, videos and sponsored links. This is where search engines and sites like Amazon would be able to align themselves without damaging their brand as it's building on what they already offer. Who knows how this will be received by the average household, Sky+ delays viewing enough just imagine an active viewer on payday stocking up on everything on Project Runway whilst the rest of the family wait for Match of the Day!

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