Thursday, October 02, 2008

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A selection of programming language textbooks ...Image via WikipediaMy departments profile has changed significantly over the last few months, the Intranet now has several components and modules that compliment the daily workload. Moving forward we are all looking to gain a better understanding in CSS, PHP, SQL, Javascript and possibly AJAX. Programming language is definitely something I would like to learn and will require dedication as I don't have any foundation to build on.

I have only basic HTML knowledge and I've edited templates which is basic. Since development with our open source intranet platform I have been put forward to help take our customer service pitching tool, known internally as the Hoff, to the next level. The development names we have in place for the tools we are creating is very unique! In the next few weeks I can see myself having a lot more meetings and also reaching out to new areas in the department! Johnny5 is alive!

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