Monday, October 27, 2008

Old Habits...

The East Stand during a match in 2006. The cos...Image via WikipediaArrived in work today and instantly my colleagues picked up on my haircut, I told them that the reason I look the way I do is because Chelsea finally lost their unbeaten record - Emo. We lost to none other than Liverpool as well and it was another dodgy goal but they have a habit of scoring them, just ask Jose! It was going to come to an end eventually but 86 games unbeaten in the league at home is going to last a long time and is a record to be proud.

As well as watching Chelsea lose to one of their main rivals yesterday we also went to the cinema to watch High School Musical 3. I wasn't expecting that much from the third installment as the reviews weren't that convincing but probably because they were written by a person not from the target audience. My daughter has been raised on these movies and she informed me after the viewing that it was the best of the series and that she couldn't wait to pick up a copy to watch every night.

Returning them to their mother was awkward as she was having dinner at her parents as part of a family gathering. Her parents invited me into the house and we got to speaking about life in general. Conversation was forthcoming but what made it awkward was that the children's mothers partner was also there. I don't think that either of the partners there were too overwhelmed at my presence but what can you do. I spoke with the Grandmother for a few minutes and then left them to carry on their proceedings!
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