Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bring Me Sunshine..

Cover of "My Dad"Cover of My Dad

Yesterday we celebrated my brothers birthday and it was an enjoyable evening. The party went on until the early hours, it took a while before it all got started, I admit at one point I was concerned about numbers but my brothers friends eventually arrived. There was plenty of drinking and thankfully no real drama..

No matter what hour I retire my body clock still makes sure I'm awake before 8am. I think parenting makes certain of that as children embed into your daily routine that need to wake and tend to their every need!

Today though, is Fathers Day so it's all about me, although I didn't get to see the three children until late in the afternoon but it was well worth the wait. Overall we enjoyed a great weekend, the Voice Memos on the iPhone raised a few laughs as well as I attempted to podcast the activities unfolding throughout the day. I need a decent site to upload these as some of the comments are priceless and really laugh out loud material! Any suggestions, answers on a postcard people :)
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