Monday, June 22, 2009

Three Times For Good Measure..

DSC00856Image by joedawson via Flickr

Happy birthday to our youngest today, she's growing up fast and was full of excitement this morning. Still half asleep the photos taken captured the moment she opened her presents half asleep but eyes wide and smiling!

Yesterday she went on an adventure Safari with her biological father and his family and today she was again on another adventure this time to the Farm. It was no surprise this evening when she crashed out as she has had a busy few days but plenty of birthday cake and lots to remember.

Unfortunately I was at work today so wasn't able to participate in the frolics at the farm but we got to enjoy a meal at Nando's this evening which was really nice. We also have a party planned at the weekend which friends and family will be attending. That's three birthday celebrations if I'm correct, one celebration for every year. If that's set to be a trend for every year eventually the celebrations will last several weeks! Good times ahead, happy birthday again!!

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