Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Strike, Strikes..

First ToothImage by joedawson via Flickr

What tube strike?! During my journey home I experienced minor delays but there wasn't any significant disruption. I was fortunate as admittedly there have been people seriously affected by the 48 hour strike. This began yesterday as talks broke down between London Underground bosses and the RMT Union.

England fans that defied the strike to travel to Wembley this evening were treated to a few goals. England have now managed to win all of their qualifiers so far and are in good form under Fabio Capello. Wayne Rooney got the first in the fourth minute followed by Lampard who scored an impressive second before Rooney found the back of the net again before the interval. In the second half substitute Jermain Defoe scored twice within five minutes before Peter Crouch finished the rout..

I watched the majority of the football from the Gym, the main stories for this evening for most people were the football and travel chaos, not here though! That's because today my son moved a step closer to becoming a man! He visited the dentist today and had his first tooth removed, when I collected them from their mothers
he was all excited to tell me about the occasion. I'm sure he will be even more excited when he awakes tomorrow to see if the tooth fairy has visited.. :)
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