Friday, June 26, 2009

Off The Wall

LOS ANGELES - JUNE 25: People hold up Michael ...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

The reaction to Michael Jackson's death has been incredible, broke the story about Jackson being sent to hospital, then The LA Times announced that Michael Jackson was in a coma and then the news that the pop star had passed began filtering through.

The traffic on the Internet caused widespread problems; and The LA Times sites couldn't handle the volume and ABC, AOL, CNN Money and CBS all experienced problems. This is not supposed to happen. Also affected were social networks with Twitter and Friendfeed experiencing issues. Trending topics were also dominated by discussion on this story, Google trends virtually every one of the keywords can be tied to the Michael Jackson story.

Today as expected the world is mourning the loss of a talented artist, performer and father, many people though are in total shock and disbelief. It's one of those moments where you find yourself watching the television constantly, following the latest stories online and listening to the radio. Regularly we're comparing old and new media and which provides the most value, I have found better statistics and in depth information online but for opinion and views old media has been amazing. Sky News have covered the story intensely and it has been emotional watching as the events have unfolded and as they have recaptured moments from his life.

I must have consumed several hours of Michael Jackson tracks today, I arrived in the office to be greeted by a colleague playing a collection on iTunes. This was followed by the radio which featured the Jacksons music heavily as a tribute and this evening I have been watching television and they're celebrating the career of the star. I'm sure this will be the trend for a while as Michael Jackson touched the lives of an entire generation and his legacy will live on..

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