Sunday, June 07, 2009

Played Off

Keyboard Cat, acryllic on canvasImage by jrk via Flickr

Yesterday it all went wrong during the Gillmor Gang, Michael Arrington asked Leo Laporte whether he bought the Palm Pre or got it free and in advance of the launch. Leo took offence to the accusation, shut down the show, Arrington wrote a blog post, the comments on TechCrunch then got shut down and then keyboard cat played off the whole situation.

This is the first time I have encountered keyboard cat and it did make me laugh out loud. In fact the tune the cat played was like the theme to my entire day! I started the Gym this afternoon and seriously, that tune, it must have played every time that I took to a machine. My personal trainer provided instructions and although I attempted the machines, the tune would begin to play and I could feel my frame only just managing. The biggest blow came when I was pressing 20kg and I turned to my left to see a man larger than a car lifting what appeared to be every weight available. The cat can play but I feel good and will be returning to a different beat Tuesday :)

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