Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Pieces Of The Puzzle, They Don't Fit...

Plug Face - Day 3/365Image by Jake Mates via Flickr

The Internet has provided us with a valuable tool for communication, allowing us to have conversations, share information and follow the latest stories online as they happen.

The social web continues to evolve and mature, providing new and exciting ways to communicate with peers. Today though I find that I resent the very openness of the Internet that I have written so much about over the last few months.

Relationships are always difficult but in the age of social networks, instant messenger, email, blogging, lifestreaming etc.. It's hard to disconnect so in an effort to generate some space and time to reflect I have deactivated my Facebook account for a short period of time. Largely due to the latest relationship breakdown, but also because I feel that without the social networking site and constant distracting commentary through the status updates that I will be able to find composure. I spend my time thinking too much about other people and not enough about myself but that has to change, starting now..

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