Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Saturdays

A bottle of Goldschl├ĄgerImage via Wikipedia

This was supposed to be a quiet weekend, time to reflect and compose! Distance created to address what's important, required actions and regain control. I didn't have the children this week as they were with their mothers. Saturday morning usually a buzz of activity was a different experience with calm and quiet although I prefer the usual routine.

Eventually the day got started and later that afternoon I was to be introduced to Frank-the-Tank for the first time. The event was to celebrate my friends birthday and there were the usual drinking games but also a contraption (Frank-the-Tank) to consume alcohol via a 'bucket' through hose pipes. An innovative concept that really worked and when I eventually departed people were visibly feeling the effects. I participated - obviously - but the amount of Vodka/Cider introduced was enough to convince me that once was enough!!

Woke this morning, greeted by text messages that my partner had outdone my efforts considerably by consuming vast amounts of Goldschlager, Vodka, Wine etc. We're all entitled to unwind, I think she surpassed all expectations! At least when referring to the evening in future she will always emerge as the main topic!!! Is that a hole...
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