Monday, June 29, 2009

Viva La Blogger or Lifestreaming and All His Friends

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evo·lu·tion: It's time to denounce blogging, the shift in media to another format but haven't we been here before? It's a natural process to want to progress, Steve Rubel announced last week that he was Moving from Blogging to Lifestreaming and the curtain spotlight falls again on the blogosphere.

Although at times I feel I'm spread too thinly across the multitude of services I participate there is no chance I will abandon ship. Micromedia and lifestreaming are popular outlets for content but as Louis Gray writes: Blogging Is Still The Foundation and I'm sure it will remain that way for the foreseeable future. Micromedia compliments blogging especially through lifestreaming services as they provide a real-time form of content distribution. If anything I would say that the blogosphere is well positioned, sharing rich content generates a reaction and increases the likelihood of conversation around the stream. It's not that blogs require a reboot but rather they need to realign with the real-time vision that is consuming the Internet.
Blogs are out of beta but bloggers, as pioneers, should always in beta seeking to grow and advance our beloved format, rather than be complacent. I am surprised that more of us aren't asking what's next for the almighty blog ~ Steve Rubel
I'm intrigued by the evolution and although I have introduced elements of lifestreaming to my central hub, through widgets and integration with other services, blogging remains my primary focus. Many thought provokers and industry leaders are embracing different mediums like micromedia and lifestreaming to spread their reach. Is this path their definition of beta? Also what's the difference between 'insights' and blogging?

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