Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Media Again Proves It's Value

Where is my vote? - Iran election protest at U...Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr

I haven't really been following the Iran elections as I have been busy this weekend; horse riding, swimming and today I spent a considerable amount of time in the gym. My weekend has been relaxed and calm which is a contrast to events unfolding in Iran due to a contested election.

What is clear is that Twitter is providing better coverage of the situation in Iran than CNN. Another example of how the consumption of real-time news and media reach us faster through social media than through the mainstream news outlets. The top trending topics on Twitter highlight the #iranelection and CNN's failure #CNNfail at reacting to the news story. ReadWriteWeb have a great post on this subject and I have provided the below quotes from the article -
Twenty years ago this month, CNN brought live news about the Tienanmen Square uprising to the world. It's really strange that the network is absent from this story.

Twenty years ago CNN's coverage of Tienanmen Square made its reputation. If in twenty more years it has become consensus that real-time, online, crowdsourced media is the best place to keep up with current events, this incident could be an important part of that history unfolding.
Comparisons between mainstream and new media have become a regularly topic online. Many believe that mainstream media is on borrowed time and that new media is the place to get the latest from the scene. What are your thoughts?
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