Monday, June 15, 2009

Iran Demonstrations

Riots in streets of Tehran.. new photos #irane...Image by .faramarz via Flickr

The Internet and specifically social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Friendfeed have proved to be a valuable outlet for the people of Iran. Even though Iranians have shutdown websites and closed newspapers, people are turning to Twitter to reach out to the rest of the world. Twitter has even rescheduled planned maintenance, which was a good decision, due to the events and volatile situation.

Although Twitter has shown it's value, FriendFeed has been “almost completely blocked” in Iran. Largely due to the service being one of the most active countries on FriendFeed. The site is also the most active region as defined by comments per user per day, according to Bret Taylor.

Finally I wanted to share a collection of photos from which depict the demonstrations, protests and violence filtering through from Iran. I have been impressed with the these last few months as they do produce stunning and inspiring collections from important events and situations.
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