Monday, June 08, 2009

WWDC '09

Appigo Todo @ WWDC '09Image by rb3wreath via Flickr

At the Apple WWDC event, Philip Schiller, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, unveiled the new iPhone 3G S, the new MacBook Pro family, and Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Now the MacBook Pro family remain above my price range and the Mac OS X Snow Leopard is too much of a mouthful so the iPhone 3GS was the announcement I was anticipating most.

According to Apple the iPhone 3G S is the fastest iPhone ever, I'm totally sold [/sarcasm] although I'm sure if the announcement stated the handset was slower than the iPhone 3G that would have been a total FAIL. The handset is 2 x faster and more responsive than it's predecessor and quickly launches applications and renders web pages. Providing the ability to shoot, edit and share video and features an upgraded 3 megapixel camera with built-in autofocus. Finally we have cut, copy, and paste which works with words, photos and even acrosss applications. Also MMS functionality is available which I have largely replaced with email since using the iPhone 3G. Other features to note are voice control, compass, search, accessibility and Internet tethering to share the 3G connection on your iPhone with your Mac notebook or PC laptop. Impressive and with the iPhone 3.0 OS launching next week I can't wait to sample the improvements.

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