Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's All Clear Now..

Puerto Madero and the MoonImage by lrargerich via Flickr

Plenty of information circulating about statistics, analytics, comment plugins and followers filtering through my feed reader at the moment. At times it's difficult to participate and maintain a presence across the multiple services and startups that I actively contribute because there is so much happening. I do spend a significant amount of time online but compared to the people that I interact with I barely scratch the surface.

It's hard to predict what's on the horizon but these are definitely exciting times. Being connected provides constant access to the stories and developments that I follow, the ability to contribute to discussion with friends and networked associates and a resource to assist in the digital age. I find transparency important although I acknowledge that I need to be responsible especially where my children are concerned.

Over the last year I have introduced tighter measures to protect them online but I'm a proud parent so they still get exposure. Yesterday I took the day off work to attend my son's annual school trip but frustratingly I was unable to participate as many parents also expressed interest. At least I got to collect them from school though which was great as it's not often that I'm able to do so due to the hours I work. Also took my daughter to the opticians for a routine check and although she has been wearing glasses the optician informed that she doesn't require them any longer as her sight is fine. I think secretly though she actually enjoys wearing them!
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