Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Check For Update... iPhone 3.0 Impressions

iPhone 3.0 UpgradeImage by Riggzy via Flickr

This evening the long awaited iPhone 3.0 OS was finally made available. You can click on the "Check for Update" button within iTunes right now to get your iPhone updated. Although the download time specifies an estimated time until completion, I found that it does take longer to complete the process.

First impressions are good, there doesn't appear to be any major app casualties although TweetDeck appears to be experiencing issues and Tweetie still awaits an update to address the #Twitpocalypse issue. The ability to send an MMS was the first feature I tested, I have switched to emailing images and will likely continue to do so but this is a welcome addition.

The most requested feature for as long as I can remember is cut/copy/paste, this works well and takes time to adjust but it does the trick. Voice Memos I can see providing entertainment as they can be shared as MMS/email and I have already sent a few to friends and family. The ability to shake the iPhone to undo a message or to switch to another track within the iPod is sure to attract some confused looks from people in the street. This feature is already available in several applications to refresh the activity on the screen and it works well.

Other features/functionality available that I haven't sampled are reviewed on many of the websites/blogs I follow. I'm going to recommend Greg Kumparaks post on Mobile Crunch as he provides a decent summary. I'm more than impressed with the new operating system, what are your views? Do you feel that there are any areas that could be improved?

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