Sunday, November 25, 2007

Every face tells a story!!

Today was the usual madness, my girl had a lay in which was all good but also bad which was my fault entirely as this kind of messed up the game plan. My boy had a party to get to at 1:30 so once we all got in gear it was plentiful fun, beautiful action. After arriving I was slightly nervous that it would be the mystery birthday part two put it was all good. He is so me!!! Earlier he had stripped all the labelling from his camera and was marching into the party looking eager. The camera looked wasted so I said could I take it and he said that he was taking it to the party to take photos of his friends, Get in there haha!!

Anyway after the party escapade I dropped my daughter to her Nans for a few hours whilst we headed over to Bluewater for a browse. Usual shopping activities and looking for the deals although not too many about it seems but picked up some lovely clothes for my boy. On returning from the shops we arrived back at my Mum's and the children were busy with face paints. My boys looked good but that wasn't going to last as he soon got to work on it himself shortly afterwards.

While this was going on Spurs were coming unstuck against West Ham. Poor old Spurs can't seem to string any sort of run together! Me and my brother practised chest bumps but this looked awful on camera so we moved away from our male affection. Next up the girls got involved with the facepaint leaving me and the boy to hit the attic and look for a single receipt and also to find stuff to sell on eBay. Success in both departments so with the Xbox 360 winging in for repairs the Nintendo Wii will be soon on route. Gaming for Christmas looks like being on the agenda. Maybe?!?
Also found some gels and hair sculpting products in the attic which I passed on to my boy and he looked delightful once he had finished. Headed home at this point and after a pit stop at McDonalds and drama at the Esso where some guy ran out with a purse thinking it was my girls only to be chased by the correct owner. I also nearly got reported for petrol theft and then there's the running out of battery, sim problems and the late running of their mum. We laugh so much!!