Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Ending?!?!

So today has finally come and the build up had made me a little sceptical as with my sons birthday there was a lot of drama and I didn't want that to happen again. I was unsure what the plan was right up until 3pm, don't know why the day wasn't cast in stone earlier so I could make plans but from that time it was difficult to get anything sorted. Got home from work and was in a mad rush to head over to pick up my children. So much so that I forgot my manners and was like an over aggressive Tasmanian Devil heading from the station to my girls and then on to their mums. Thankfully seeing my daughters happy face made me realise that the day was hers.

Got in the car which is still in a 2 and 8 with the central locking but that's on the back burner to be fixed for the time being. We headed to Tesco to pick up a cakes and some flowers and arrived at my girls who had put together a party piece in a short space of time. My girl is really a rock at times, I am not the most reliable person I admit but with her she is thoughtful and considerate. The party went well and the children were all in celebration mode and it was good. From what had been a manic few weeks with Halloween, Fireworks and the final touches to my daughters birthday at least we have a few weeks quiet. Now to start planning for Christmas...