Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Your friendly neighbour!

Tonight got in from work and kicked off our neighbourhood stay safe scheme, amazingly next door also kicked off with a disagreement. You couldn't plan these things I swear! Anyway we got into action and it's early days of our new scheme but we sat ourselves on the stairs and listened as the disagreement took place. Not sure what it was over but I hope that when me and my girl disagree we don't sound like this haha. We don't though as I feel it's not about arguing as we have both had our fair share in the past. Makes me wonder if our old neighbours were doing the same back then!

Eventually I reached the top of the stairs as I only really started to head up to go toilet. Interrupted again though as I tried on my new skinny jeans my girl got me, they were a wicked fit and they made me look good as well. Only down point is I couldn't get them off!!! One foot was fine but I think where I injured my foot a few years back that it still bears some swelling. It took me a good ten minutes to wiggle them off. The price of fashion hey! I love it!!!