Saturday, November 17, 2007

Night off!!

Tonight was our first night off for a few weeks, what I mean by that is that we didn't have any children staying so we made the most of it by heading out. Our night started slowly as we had a drink indoors and danced to tunes from the Internet and MTV. Tried mastering the Crank That dance but I reckon it is going to take a lot of practice to perfect. We finally headed out around 10pm and with it being late already I suggested Zens, having practically lived there every Friday last year I figured it would be a good choice.

We were in buoyant mood arriving it Dartford, clearly the Bouncers have photographic memories or no lives I was reminded that I was barred once. Cheers for that pal, nice history lesson as I came through the door. After being searched we all headed for the toilet. My toilet break was longer than usual as I got trapped in the toilet. Was a struggle as well, I used a penny and then my key to try and escape and by this time my hands were covered in blood so I kicked the door. Still no luck but I got the attention of the freshen up guy as he started barking not to kick in the door. He slid under his key at this point so I figured I would put more pressure on it seeing as how if it bent it wouldn't matter. I saved myself an embarrassing situation anyway hahaha.

As I had lost blood I set off to replenish my liquid levels and got into the mood, dancing around and getting pounded by the speakers. It was alright there but it is so young in there now that I wouldn't recommend if you have started puberty. We left early and braved the cold back to the car with what felt like one giant leap for mankind.

Today my girls parents came around and as we weren't ready we sorted ourselves out and met them in Bromley for a look around. Waited in the Primark returns queue for most of the day, love how they hid it upstairs and round a corner. Hmmm hiding something ?!?! Didn't really have a chance to have a look about and after picking up baby we headed home and are now getting ready to head to our friends who are having a house warming and cooking for us! Game on!!