Friday, November 30, 2007

All hail Ale

Got into work today and my colleague opened a box he received whilst being away. The box was from our MD and inside to every one's delight were bottles of Ale. They were distributed out between those in distance ready for the end of play. The day went passed quickly, obviously the Friday feeling getting everyone in the mood. It was a will I/won't I for drinks after work but eventually decided that I was in the game. Work finished and we got involved with the Ale, really weren't for me though so switched to Southern Comfort and then onto some drink my friend had brought in which contained gold. Yes Gold! Freaked me out seeing all the bits floating about but I had two shots and onwards and upwards. Stayed out for a couple which was selfish as my girls not feeling too good so I am now joining the dog in the kitchen... and we're cleaning each other!