Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Ring


Well after the big build up I feel kind of let down by the clip in the end. Still was very disturbing but after my friend from work looked like he had been hit by a car in his footage I was expecting to be horrified. Still though it's left a burnt image in my head and one that I personally will not replicate. Watching the clip I am sure that you will bring up the question, why are you sitting indoors wearing a scarf. And I am now ready to answer that question haha, it's because I had just come back from the shops and picking up some supplies and figured there was no time like the present to settle down in front of the PC and trigger a reaction. I think my girl secretly got off on the clip but as I know she will read this I'm going to have to retract the sentence and say she was also disgusted. After watching the clip we sat down for chocolate milkshake and Mars Bars. Interested?? Send me a message...