Sunday, November 04, 2007

home warming

Well that's where we ended up at the end of the day but it wasn't exactly a warm day. Firstly we headed over to Bluewater, with my daughter and girls birthdays approaching I wanted to see if there was anything they were interested in. My girl had a field day in All Saints and she looked really good so definitely going to be picking her up some clothes from there. One dress was like body armour though so not going to be getting that for her as it would weigh her down. Was funny that she struggled to get it off, she is still my Joan of Arc though haha. After Bluewater we headed to my brothers, we were debating on whether to go to Toys R Us but I'll reserve that for a few days. My brothers house warming was good and it was the first chance my girl has got to meet my family. It went well although my boys calls for riding my brothers motorbike were a little repetitive. Anyway an eventful weekend, my son needs boot camp for sure but with his open evening Tuesday I am hoping to be able to get some feedback from the Teachers and bring that home so we are working from the same sheet!!