Sunday, November 18, 2007

New balls...

Got to see the children today to go to Tigers Eye, they had gone with their Nan earlier to watch my brother play football. Once they had returned they set about making us lunch! Fast forward a few hours and we roll up to the surprise of a small meal laid out for us which was wicked. After eating the snacks to hand we headed to Tigers Eye and it is a mad zone here as the children just go wild.

They met up with friends, played, broke up, got back together, found girlfriends and got thoroughly excited with everything going on. We played here for a few hours and then left after my girls head got knocked, banged, whacked for the umpteenth time. On leaving we were greeted by the patter of rain! We legged it to the car and dropped them back to their Nans as it was easier for them to be picked up from there. Not liking the rain, dreading work tomorrow as I don't have an umbrella!!