Friday, November 02, 2007

We don't mess about!!

We read about them, add them as our msn pictures and then one of my work mates gets a load delivered. That's right, this week at work we are STD crazy and we were all sporting the must have cuddly toys at the moment haha. Had a work do this evening but had to pick up the children from my mums so a) had to blow out early and b) I couldn't drink too much. So that was my night pretty much over before it got off the ground haha. Well view the pics and see what you think as I won't be getting tired of them anytime soon. I now know what I am getting my kids for Christmas haha!! Since last night I haven't been able to escape the topic of weddings, what with Eastenders and then the Vicar of Dibley. My girl asked about what I would say and to be honest although I haven't given it much thought I am really nervous about all of that. Mainly because she has been proposed to twice so I have to surpass what happened before so that it isn't always referred to! Arrrh!! I am stopping there as it aches my brain!!