Saturday, November 03, 2007

What a blast!!

So today it was a journey through time to land in the present, we headed to Bromley for a browse. Well really we went looking for decent pub lunch, we were alienated though as we have children. We weren't aware of this but apparently if you have children then pub lunch plus Sky Sports is a no go. Instead they want to hide you away in the garden or away from any TV screens. How great is that I mean I was so impressed I drove to four pubs and then gave up. Apparently it was a good match but oh well because we have children Sky Sports is something we can now only dream about!

Our day was good but the stand out thing is the boy, he concerns me at the moment. He was very naughty at times today and feeling like we are going to have to call in the Super Nanny haha! It's not a joke though and I am not going to list off his bad things but I hope we can all get together and put that side of him away. He's a lovely boy at times but he has his demons, like us all I suppose! After the mad rush there, the delay, the adventures and wishing we had enough spare cash to go on Bungieeee, we headed home and look forward to next years display haha!!