Friday, November 09, 2007

I am a snail

Today had a mad start to the day as I had my children stay with me overnight. Now the sleeping wasn't the problem, neither was taking them home as I didn't mind that either. It was the bed wetting, I'm sure if my boy is looking back over this in his adulthood he will be shaking his fist at me. Well today is the day I am shaking my fist in your direction as rushing about getting everything sorted and I awake the boy and I am greeted with the sentence 'I wet myself daddy'. Oh the joy especially as I had picked him up and my T-Shirt now had a wet mark across the front. Did I have time to change, you bet I didn't and that was how I rolled. Out the door, into the car, dropped them home and onto the train after the return journey. Made it in and crashed to my seat, someone up there is probably looking down in stitches. You got me...

My day was saved by Peter Serafinowicz and YouTube, in fact it was one of my colleagues who lead me down this route. Watched some of these clips and they did make me laugh! Check them out, it's not for everyone but it tickled me! Not sure what the plans are for the weekend but hopefully a relaxing couple of days. Need to sort out my consoles being repaired and also the car but I'm feeling lazy so will do as and when I can be bothered!!