Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Families

Was a little disappointed last night, phoned to speak to my children and my boy was not interested at all. My daughter is always full of conversation but he can't hold a conversation for longer than a minute. The only times I do is when he carries on about something really off topic then will just drop off during the conversation. I know he's only a child but I am a geek and I take it too heart. Spoke to their mother today as she had the outcome of his speech therapy and that part of the conversation went well but then it switched to me having the kids this weekend and where I said I wasn't having them she hit the roof. I love seeing them but I also need time with my girl to laze about or go places. She doesn't understand this though. I mean since I've come back from holiday I have seen them 12 days. That's almost half of the month and I am sure there aren't many single dads who get that involved. Oh well one day things will become clear!