Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Part 2 of Parents evening!!

So today I had parents evening for my son, wanted to really get some input from this as I do worry about his concentration and competitiveness. Arrived in the usual way with seconds to spare. I knew their mother wouldn't wait for me so I legged it through the corridors. I felt like a giant as everything was small to accommodate for the youngsters. I am Hagrid haha! Arrived on time and went into the classroom with their mother, I am sure this is the same teacher we got to meet last year as she came across at first like I wasn't there. Not sure if their mum has something to do with that though with whatever is said during idle chat. I weren't having it this time though and waited for my chance to jump right into asking questions about my sons work, how he fits into the class room, discipline and what I can do to assist his learning.

He had created his version of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, future bolds well for him if he takes up a career in construction. Amid me asking questions and my boy bursting in the class room I could see their mother fidgeting and annoyed that I was asking about matters that concerned my son. Don't know whether she had places to be but when we left her friend asked why we took so long and I got a rather abrupt pointed finger aimed in my direction. Nice!! After this we parted company from their mother and headed over to Toys R Us. The kids love it here and secretly I do as well but I try to hide my excitement. Picked out some presents before heading to drop them off and then to moonlight as a cleaner indoors whilst watching Chelsea hold on for a point. I am happy tonight though as my children seem to be doing okay in school and I'm now looking forward to the next parents evening to see what progress they make over the coming months!!