Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Here's to next Summer !!

The day off started and I trooped into the garden for a couple of hours, felt like a robot at times. If you have seen the commercial for WKD I think where one guy asks the other to pass the drill. He then moves robot like towards him, that was me today moving the leaves across the garden and throwing them over the fence. Managed to work through it all though and mow the lawn, least that's done for another year. For good hopefully as we plan on moving to pastures new in the summer.
My day off after wasn't very productive as didn't really do too much after the gardening instead got baby to wear a hoody so that she looked like ET. It is truly amazing what keeps me interested! Next up we had a lack of change so we got all the coins together that we could find. Apparently there are £6.5 million coins lost in circulation. We managed to find just over £3 in copper and with the rest built up a fiver. Felt a bit of a Muppet paying out but this guy behind me said he did the same. Two people are a group and if we were to build it they may come but it's not going to happen. I quickly rushed off after this as embarrassment is an understatement haha. The hours seem to fly past and it wasn't long until Wednesday Club was underway.
Headed to my kids and picked them up, then we hugged out and had a mad moment. They seemed really loving and my daughter was quite emotional speaking of how she misses me not being around everyday. She realises why though, meanwhile the realisation my boy came to is that batteries go in the back of the radio he had taken apart. I dropped them home after dinner and then headed to my girls for football... What a disappointment! Five across the midfield, rookie in goal and a loan target man for knock downs. It was a great feeling when Crouch got the equaliser after Frank had converted from the spot but afterwards it just fell apart. There are going to be so many 'what if's' for me the way the team were boasted with the arrival of Beckham begs the question why didn't he start!?!?! Here's to Steve Mclaren. Thanks!!