Saturday, November 10, 2007


Today we were an officer down, we weren't going to be seeing my children this weekend but my daughter phoned this morning to say she wanted to see us. My boy had other plans though as he was to be staying with their mother and her fella and son. Our quest for the day was to sort out a coat for my daughter so we headed to Bexleyheath to look about. I had read that it was half price at Woolies and sure enough they had a few prospects. We looked about in a few other shops before coming back and picking out the coat she liked. With that done we headed home and for an evening occupying the Barbies, Ken, Luke Skywalker and a doll that looked amazingly like Pete Burns. We also watched The Last Mimzy and hey although it's not ET as it stated in the synopsis it's still a really good movie. We all sat glued to the television open mouthed watching as the action unfolded. Very good and well worth watching as it comes with our seal of approval, gift wrapped and loved!!