Sunday, October 04, 2009

Can You Stay Up For The Weekend?

deadmau5@club answerImage by shin2chi via Flickr

Organisation wasn't exactly outstanding, forget the preparation as the evening started as I walked backwards towards the bus shelter. In a typically vain manner, attempting to prevent the weather conditions from disturbing the hairstyle that I had managed to immaculately produce.

As I staggered towards the shelter, I heard my name and coincidentally it's the friends I was travelling to meet. They had been attacked by sauce throwing youths, although according to the discussion this worked in their favour as there were similar shirts on display so this enabled the changeover!!

Arriving at the Kinky Malinky 'pre-party' was enlightening, I don't really remember too much from last weekend but thankfully many people were at hand to fill in the blanks. 'You're the guy..' Maybe, and I would love to remember but I need assistance to reach that point darling!? I won't be satisfied until technology presents 'There's an App for that..' and enables our lives to be chronologically documented. Random nights will never be the same and through photography, video or maybe even augmented reality - that would be impressive - I would have the opportunity to view the events that transpired! I'm sure that I will have long retired the brogues from the scene when that date arrives. Until then, the objective remains to continue to interact with as many humans* as possible!

There are comparisons with Roald Dahl's classic children's novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We required tickets for Kinky Malinky's 11th Birthday but unlike Charlie Bucket we had the iPhone which provided the convenient method to acquire the tickets!

Matter is an exceptional venue and although the queue was excessive we were soon inside. There were many people there that I recognised and I managed some serious mileage as I travelled between conversations and listening to the music. The lighting was really impressive and the sound system pounded the beat as those in attendance danced! I'm Not Alone by Calvin Harris received the reaction of the night and Ghosts N' Stuff by Deadmau5 was another favourite. I'm not used to these all night events anymore so I was thankful for the journey home!! Embassy next weekend...

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