Friday, October 30, 2009

I Fight Crime But This Is Family Time...

Halloween trick-or-treatingImage by joedawson via Flickr

Newcastle is the destination this weekend, to celebrate a birthday, Halloween and to participate in the Carnage event! I decided that I would take the children trick-or-treating tonight instead because I wouldn't be available! They looked amazing and I was really impressed with the effort. It was all about the participation so I collected a Spiderman costume from a friend to become a feature as well! It was a BIG look!!

On route to our 'trick-or-treating plot' I had to purchase some petrol! People appeared to be in disbelief that sometimes Spiderman spends time with family and travels in a Ford Focus! A great exchange followed with the cashier when I went to make payment -

"So is the costume for Halloween?"

"No sorry, this is my work attire, I fight crime!"

The cashier attempted to remain composed and take the payment but the excessive shaking and facial expressions were an instant giveaway! Laughter should not be ingested because it does have adverse affects!! Moving onwards, the evening was a success considering that I had opted for the day prior to Halloween! Many had made preparations and were keeping with tradition but there were a few who reminded us that we were early! It was a cold evening so I returned them both home frozen and ready for Pizza! A hero's work is never done, somewhere there is a crime taking place.....

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