Saturday, October 24, 2009


Hoxton and Shoreditch, London, UKImage by Torcello Trio via Flickr

Every decision making process produces a final choice. The output can be an action or an opinion of choice. After watching the Wizards of Waverly Place this evening I decided to head out for the evening to Shoreditch. I'm not sure what rationality led to this invariant choice but it certainly wasn't a Magic mirror on the wall!

Although the iPhone has become an extension of this fully poseable action figure physique, I still don't utilise the full range of functionality provided by the applications. If I did then I would have avoided the road works and probably ended up at another location. Although organisation aside, sometimes it's better to see what opportunities present themselves without any plans or knowing what's around the corner! Shoreditch provided a decent evening and even though I attempt to be innovative with my appearance, I wasn't comparable with the trendy kids around Old Street! Not sure why so many people were gathering around a shoe store but will definitely return to investigate another evening!

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