Thursday, October 22, 2009

Twitter Lists Preview

Twitter ListsImage by Vincent J. Brown via Flickr

Twitter Lists have gone live for my account and I agree with the header that it's a great way to organise the people you follow and discover new and exciting accounts. I have followed a few lists created by the usual suspects and also created one briefly to group people that I know personally! This feature has long been requested and the introduction finally adds the ability to control the stream of updates!

My preference when interacting with friends/followers on Twitter is through desktop clients and applications. I have read that the Lists API is supposed to be impressive and will allow developers to add support for Lists into our favorite Twitter apps. I agree with the view that the introduction of Lists adds a new layer of meta data and makes it much easier for the search engines (especially following the Microsoft’s Bing and Google search engine deal) to quickly crunch the data for search queries! The Twitter blog states that they are just doing limited testing for now. But once they have tested the feature out a bit, they will launch it for all accounts!

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