Sunday, October 18, 2009

For Every Action There Is A Reaction

It's Superman!Image by Dude Crush via Flickr
First impressions create a lasting opinion or mental image. I have often wrote about the disconnects between our 'brand' the way we're perceived online and in real-life. How we act differently and feel a sense of freedom online that seems to compensate for the restrains we might feel in the real world.

For example the de facto Facebook profile has become a curriculum vitae. Here we are now, entertain us! The best-of-collection profile photos, predictable album featuring standard photographs that have been heavily vetted, throw in the shoe perspective, preparation photo and we have the brand. Not one for norms, straight no chasing, I attempt another angle; Is the glass half empty or half full? Neither...

Saturday night; points, skinnies and bowtie, the objective to 'act different and feel a sense of freedom' in the real world and eventually arrive home wearing the proverbial and yet metaphoric t-shirt! Mission accomplished!! The theme was to celebrate a friends birthday, he's crossed the barrier - 31 years old - and into the unknown wilderness! Everything was everything until we arrived at the nightclub!

Last night these two bouncers, and one of em's alright! The other one's the scary one! His way or no way, totalatarian!! ~ Arctic Monkeys
Advised that the evening was ladies night, I couldn't resist, promptly made our entrance and after indulging in chocolate at the bar -random- I duly made my way onto the dancefloor. My presence here was accompanied by screams of enthusiasm and excitement! Those in attendance thought that I was the next act, a stripper ready to share myself with them!! These women were wild!!! After the exhibition, involving the obligatory Usain Bolt pose, I introduced composure and participated in the birthday proceedings. I definitely experienced freedom through the remainder of the evening and the photo album will be testament to that although I'm slightly disappointed that we didn't present the shoe perspective!

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