Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Touch The Sky...

Kanye West - GraduationImage by Eman Hurtado via Flickr

Proactively the children's mother has introduced extra curricular activities for our son. He will now receive assistance in his education by a local headteacher who provides home tutoring for children. He attends a weekly session and today he received a star in recognition for the work he had completed!

I'm really encouraged by his recent progress and through the feedback that has been provided it's another positive development. At times it's been difficult with motivation but he has really embraced this opportunity and works well with the tutor. The school also continue to provide email updates, although there isn't full disclosure I appreciate being kept informed. Enhancements to communication tools continue to innovate and hopefully when the children progress onto secondary school there will be better methods to track their work and development.

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