Friday, October 02, 2009

How Far Would You Go For An Invitation??

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The anticipation for Google Wave has been incredible, 100,000 invitations have been made available and the geek world has gone mad! I'm stunned that someone was actually prepared to pay $27,000 to get involved! Seriously if people are prepared to throw that amount of money around please aim in my direction. I have to pay for some work on my car and that would be well appreciated!!!

Apparantly the release has been staggered due to scalability concerns, as this is a Google product we're talking about, I'm surprised. Considering that they're often compared to Skynet, least we can rest in the knowledge that world domination is beyond Google Inc. Most of the bugs from sandbox are gone but there are still a few issues which remain. Several geeks that I follow are involved and hopefully they will break it and the product will be improved and maybe then we will see the real potential!!

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