Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Incredible Journey

The hardcover version of The Incredible JourneyImage via Wikipedia

I was presented with an incredible journey yesterday morning. I ventured out over the weekend and instead of carrying everything I decided to just take the required cards! Bad decision, well actually it was convenient but arriving at London Bridge Station I suddenly realised that although I had the wallet I wasn't able to progress any further without any cards on my possession!

Coincidentally I had just updated a social network status that I absolutely loved Monday's! I will know better in future!!

With no alternative other than to travel home I began the return journey back in the opposite direction to the intended destination. Due to signal problems affecting the line I was delayed a further thirty minutes before I arrived at the station. As the connecting train was cancelled/delayed, I decided to walk to where I had parked the car. This section of the journey was fine, I travelled home and collected 'the package' before heading back to the station. Further delays and line problems meant that I eventually arrived to work three hours and fifteen minutes late which is a record by any standard you have to admit! The moral of the story is please check your baggage at the door...

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