Sunday, October 25, 2009

Indiana Jones Doesn't Like Sundays

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Any quest requires an iconic look, wry sense of humour, deep knowledge of many ancient civilizations and languages, and a fear of snakes?!

Not too sure about the fear of snakes as it was always unlikely that I would encounter any in the local area but we reserved the sentiment just in case one should make an appearance! Lets focus on the iconic look as the bullwhip, fedora, and leather jacket approach would have been flattering but I opted instead for a tuxedo! I wouldn't promote the sense of humour as sarcastic or mocking but it's vaguely along the same line. The understanding of civilizations and languages is my speciality, through social networks there aren't boundaries anymore just those that aren't real-time and those who we must be patient with at all times! FACT!!

Arrived at the venue at approximately 20:00 hours and proceeded into the establishment. It wasn't long until we were interacting with those in attendance, I recall softly kissing another man intimately on the cheek. It was always going to be one of those nights! The primary objective was to introduce ourselves to an individual that has inspired us this month. It wasn't until we arrived upstairs that we were greeted by destiny! Although the introduction could have been better received as we were humble and honest but the presentation clearly frightened the talented individual. The following attempt provided a similar outcome but we made a breakthrough as we made contact through telecommunications to offer ourselves as friends!

"It's the guys that you just passed on the stairs.."

"How did you get my number?"

"That's not important, what do you want to drink?"



"Okay, Blackcurrant and Vodka..."

"That's even worse..."

We were then introduced to the entourage and the acceptance was overwhelming, the burden of expectation had been cast from our shoulders and we felt proud! Presented with the photo opportunity we weren't going to resist the chance to capture the memorable occasion to share with friends and relatives. We were disappointed that more people didn't attend as there was considerable interest but I'm sure those that had confirmed had their reasons! Afterwards we returned to the promised land and were to be greeted by the expected admiration and excitement! The evening provided many opportunities, adventures and I feel that we could possibly even advance into the lucrative American market! Has anyone seen the bullwhip?!

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