Saturday, July 12, 2008

At a canter

My daughter has been making steady progress with her horse riding over recent weeks. She really pays attention and listens to instructions, today she was rewarded with participating for an hour. She is full of excitement whenever I speak to her, talking about which horse she wants to ride next and how she is really getting into it. This week I will send off for her Pony Club membership as the commitment is there for the long term I feel.

The Boy on the other hand although he enjoys football always has his moments, losing interest or playing like his life depends on it. Today came the moment I have been waiting for as I had coached him into raising other players awareness of where he is positioned. It paid off today as the ball was knocked forward and he raced after it towards the opposing goal. There was quite a few of us watching as my sister and her boyfriend had made an appearance and as he broke free we were all yelling. He unleashed his shot and the ball bounced across the line. We all cheered and he turned to his team, mouth open and wide eyed and they all came and congratulated him. I got the thumbs up gesture and the match went on with him in a buoyant mood.

After football we watched the eldest ride her horse around but due to my sister and her partner not having their phones they got lost. We eventually rescued them an hour later and although the eldest was disappointed they weren't there to watch she didn't let it show. From here we went shopping and my Son was clearly on one from his goal scored earlier and was a handful at times but not too out of control. When you look at the antics of some of the Premiership's biggest names when they aren't playing then he's going in the right direction!