Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fire in the hole

Today I finished work early to head over to pick up the children from school as their mother was attending a funeral. With it also being her birthday we wanted to get her something decent to take her mind off of things. Arrived at the school with my partner and Baby and the upside was that it was also a viewing day where we were able to check out the children's work in the main assembly hall. After collecting both children they showed us around their work and then we went on to the park. Not the best of recreational areas as there were some unruly children, one father letting his son relieve himself beside an apparatus underlined that I won't be returning anytime soon.

Arriving at the shopping centre we all felt hunger strike so we decided to enjoy a Nando's. Nando's is great, especially if you are a lover of chicken, I always go for the extra hot sauce and as usual end up regretting it. Well at least I get the value for money!! Had a look at some fashion jewelry for their mother but have no idea what she would pair it with and my son was more interested in putting as much on him as possible. We eventually settled on buying their mother a chocolate bear with a message on it wishing happy birthday and a teddy. Whilst walking around the Disney Store she called to inform that she wasn't going to be returning home until late so the children are staying with me tonight now. They were both obviously disappointed that they weren't going to see her until the morning. Tomorrow should be eventful first thing in the morning...