Sunday, July 06, 2008

He can fly....

It is becoming apparently clear that it will be difficult to catch a tan this year as where is the Sun. We are close to the middle of July and the weather reports point to a bleak few weeks of rain, snow, avalanches and meteor showers. Maybe extreme but then again the dismal weather isn't appreciated by anyone.

Today with my partner having recovered from yesterdays hangover we all headed down to Herne Bay as it was her Mums birthday. The day was a success and even with the wind and rain that didn't dampen our spirits and we even managed to play at length in the garden. When the football went over onto the building site, this Indiana Jones almost broke his leg but thankfully no one saw me hit the deck with an embarrassing mistimed jump. Other than that the day was great the food we had was delicious and we watched the sporting action unfold which I will write about more in depth tomorrow..