Sunday, July 27, 2008

Playing with the children's Wii!

A screenshot from an early version of Mario Ka...Image via WikipediaToday was expected to be quiet but how quickly everything can change, originally I was planning to go over to Bluewater to exchange some clothes for the children. That changed when I got a call from the children's Aunt to tell me that they wanted to come over to see me, in receiving the package the day took a twist! After going for the necessary shop we returned for lunch and then set about for an afternoon of playing Mario Kart on the Wii. I spoke to the Herne Bay one through various means but I don't think she fully appreciated us getting too engrossed with playing with the children's Wii. How random that still sounds even with the console being available for a long time now!

After playing Wii until the children got fed up with my brother winning every race, we participated in some football in the garden. This ended up taking on many forms until they got tired and Boy decided that he would prefer to watch his Mermaid program. You go Boy! Their mother was having a barbecue and I was hoping for the courtesy Hamburger when dropping them off but it was wishful thinking as it didn't come. Afterwards I detoured to check out my brother's place which I will elaborate more on tomorrow and on to also crash out indoors. Feeling like I need to recharge my batteries now though so I am off to bed! Well at least I will try to sleep!!
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