Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Game, Set & Match

Today was my Son's sports day and we were lucky as the weather held out and didn't rain on his parade. The rota was that reception started first following through to his year. He was patient although it was bothering him a little sitting still so long. Eventually his turn came and we waited at the other end of his lane to cheer him on. Amazingly at full sprint he runs exactly the same as me, arms downwards pointing in a 45 degree angle and watching the competition. Great fun!! He came home second in the sprint and in his second race which was a balancing race he finished second again although there was a hint of him bending the rules but whatever it's all fun. I tried my luck at the Father's race again although I was in the wrong attire. Jeans aren't the best but I think I managed to run home third. My Son congratulated me and said that I was great, made it all worth while!!

After work later I raced home to catch the Murray/Nadal match and the predictable happened with Nadal showing his strength. Is this his year, it's tough to call but one thing is almost a certainty and that is him meeting Federer in the final. Whilst watching the match I played football and hide n seek, I am really unfit and although I keep saying it I need to do something about it soon!!