Thursday, July 03, 2008

Attack of the Clones

Another Twitter clone emerged today, it's like flavour of the month as in June we had Plurk and now we have The most appealing aspect of is that it's open source and it will be interesting to see what developers make available. As with all Twitter clones they all have their share of bugs and is no different. This always leads me to the conclusion that it's better the Devil you know although I always sign up just to get my username! One question I feel unanswered though is where is the Karma?!? ;)

My work role appears to be going through another change and I am eager to get a better understanding of how our new CRM works. It took a while to learn Joomla but once I had the basics I eventually built up the majority of my company's Intranet. Now it's Sugar that is my project and the main function I want is to be able to feed everything statistically. I'll update with my progress as I hopefully achieve my objective.

Finally today I received a call and was informed that my regular hairdresser was ill so I had the task of locating someone else. Normally I would have re booked but we are going to a house warming party and then on to a club tomorrow. I eventually chose Tony & Guy in Soho and this turned out to be very successful as I got a really good cut and also experienced a chair massage. Will I return in future, I think it's likely as it's easier to get to after work and I could get used to the chair massage!!

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