Thursday, July 10, 2008

Our Survey Says...

I have received my Son's end of year report and it's good, it begins with his behaviour and how it has taken a lot of hard work and support to get him to listen and follow instructions. He is getting there and it says he has a much better understanding of what is expected of him and has become a lot more responsible. It speaks of his Independence and although he can participate in a lot of the activities independently he still requires adult support to work as a team and to share.

His mathematical development comes across really well and he has a good understanding of his numbers and value. Detailing how he can create 3D models, pictures and patterns and how he recognises numbers. It goes on to discuss his curiosity with the world and his surroundings, how he has used tools and techniques to get this across. Also getting involved with the cooking!

With language and literacy it says that he has required a lot of adult support but he is getting there but still needs a lot of work on single letter sounds. He is developing interests in books and understands that print conveys meaning and he is displaying greater confidence in more informal contexts.

His physical development seems really well, I expect with him being so competitive that this is where he will thrive. Going on to discuss creativity and it says how he has used different media and responds to a variety of sensory experiences. Expressing himself through role playing and creating simple representations of events, people and objects, music making and singing.

Finally it finishes by saying that he is a popular member of the class and how he has come a long way. Stating that at times he has shown challenging behaviour and as a consequence has required a lot of adult support. Having a lot of class and one to one support to enable him to engage with learning. Although he has shown the ability to be independent and responsible and that they have enjoying teaching him.

I am encouraged by the positive aspects of his development, his home life is a lot more settled now with their mother and I working together. In the beginning it must have been a huge distraction, now though he understands the situation more and hopefully by means of communication and technology I can assist him with his work more. I haven't received my daughters report yet but that should be provided shortly...