Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Virtual Worlds...

According to several sites we are about to experience virtual worlds going mainstream. Google has just released a 3D virtual world known as Lively, the future of social networks and instant messaging? It definitely has potential, Lively is a platform that is customisable and you can create Avatars and Spaces. Lively requires a downloadable browser plug-in and the rooms you create can be embedded onto Web pages and social networks.

I took a look and was able to interact with some default environments and characters but didn't see an option to customise which was a disappointment. One thing is for sure is that it does have a lot of potential, it can be used as a business model as there is a lot of room for advertising. Finally for the social networking crowd I believe this will be hugely popular for interacting with friends especially with the teen crowd.

Another virtual reality world that launched yesterday was the Vivaty beta, I installed the Facebook application which at present is only available through Internet Explorer. Vivaty create a virtual scene that can also be personalised and you can interact with your friends from Facebook and AIM. One aspect I read which sounded interesting was the ability to install a virtual TV and upload a YouTube video to it. I have been unable to venture into the Vivaty virtual world to test this though as been having network problems at home due to a Windows Update. I will try further over the coming days in both virtual worlds and will hope to post back as the Lawnmower Man! This is just the beginning and no doubt we will all soon be walking about wearing over-sized helmets!

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